the living room recommends.

Reading old books
If anything, it forces you to slow down and actually think about what you’re reading, always a good thing. Even if your writer goes on random discourses on Waterloo (I’m looking at you, Victor Hugo).

Punch Brothers covering Radiohead
Punch Brothers is a band I like a whole lot, consisting of five ridiculously talented guys who play traditional bluegrass instruments–mandolin, banjo, fiddle, guitar, double bass. Their own music is amazing, and I definitely recommend that as well. But their covers of Radiohead (which is certainly not an acoustic band) are jaw-droppingly good, like this one of “Morning Bell”:

The Wild Within
This is a Travel Channel show about hunting. Guy goes out in the wilderness and hunts. Now, for a city kid like myself, this is pretty fascinating watching; his whole ethos is that we need to get more connected to where our food comes from, which is something I’m definitely down with. But he goes out and gets it himself, sometimes in pretty rough circumstances. It makes me want to at least want to get out in the wilderness more often, out with the land. (Also, I have to give mad props to his camera guys for going out there with him.)

Damien Rice’s cover of “Suspicious Minds”
I found this surfing my friend’s blog archives, and now I can’t stop watching it:

City of God
I’m only about 50 pages into it, but it’s really good–Augustine is basically hammering on Roman polytheism and how it didn’t benefit anyone, but he also goes on this side trail about rape victims, which is pretty lovely. Recommended, if only because it was one of the most influential texts in early Christianity.

Playing an instrument
It’s good for your brain, it’s good for your fine motor skills, and it’s good stress release.


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