Saturday night and Sunday morning.

1. I know too many young women who’ve lost their dads. While I can’t fully have any idea how they feel, the thought occurs to me that one day I will, and that is a scary thing, one that drives me to my knees (and makes me want to hug my dad).

2. The longer I live, the more I feel like my generation needs a multitude of parents. Not that our parents are necessarily bad at their jobs, but sometimes they’re gone (see my friends without dads, for example), or we have stuff in our lives our parents have no frames of reference for or just take for granted. So we need a whole bunch of wise people to walk beside us, especially in a time when people my age have a hard time figuring out what it means to be adults.

3. Grateful for these days: Daylight (vitamin D = depression buster, huzzah), long walks, this recipe (pork shoulder + chipotle peppers + a bottle of Dr Pepper + Crock Pot = YUM), sleep, good friends, knitting, and, of course, my parents and all the other wise people in my life.

4. Oh, and Lady Bears basketball. Sic ’em.


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