100 women I admire.

In honor of National Women’s History Month. This is a historical, personal, and occasionally fictional list.

1. All the nameless women who have prayed and remained faithful to Christ throughout the centuries, whose names I’m only going to find out on the other side.. 2. Sojourner Truth. 3. Harriet Tubman. 4. Gillian Welch. 5. Sandra Oh. 6. Rebecca Black–not her song, obviously, but how much grace she’s shown under fire. 7. Kate Austen. 8. Jane Eyre. 9. Patty Griffin. 10. Karin Bergquist. 11. Nicole Kidman. 12. My mother, of course. 13. Mrs. van Wagner. 14. Mrs. Smith. (These two women are moms of two of my friends, both long-married to men who have passed on. Two of my constants.) 15. June Carter Cash. 16. Meg White. 17. Patti LuPone. 18. Sutton Foster. 19. Heather Headley. 20. Lea Salonga. 21. Idina Menzel. 22. Mavis Staples. 23. Sandra McCracken. 24. Kathleen Norris. 25. Flannery O’Connor. 26. Mary Jane Grooms. 27. Denise Johnston. 28. Lauren Winner. 29. Zora Neale Hurston. 30. Elizabeth I. 31. Sarah Kay. 32. My biological mom, who made a pretty hard choice. 33. Professor Callan, one of my writing profs. 34. Dr. Rice-Lively, one of my profs at UT. 35. J.K. Rowling. 36. Condeleeza Rice. 37. Michelle Obama. 38. Lauryn Hill. 39. Carrie Brownstein. 40. Aung San Suu Kyi. 41. That Libyan woman who fought to tell international press about her rape, even as the police were dragging her away to jail. 42. Molly Wizenberg. 43. Molly Weasley. 😀 44. Hermione Granger, while we’re at it. 45. And Lucy Pevensie. 46. Anne Frank. 47. Abigail Adams. 48. Helena Bonham-Carter, mostly for being true to her wacky, Tim Burton-loving self. 49. Jane Austen. 50. Charlotte Bronte. 51. Elizabeth Barrett Browning. 52. Mary Wollstonecraft. 53. Mary Shelley. 54. Emmylou Harris. 55. Adele. 56. Kaylee Frye. 57. Buffy Summers. 58. Sara Watkins. 59. Sarah Jarosz. 60. All the women who raised all the good men I know. 61. Cate Blanchett. 62. Kate Winslet. 63. Katherina von Bora. 64. Susan B. Anthony. 65. Dolly Parton. 66. Viola Davis. 67. Laura Bush. 68. Elizabeth Bennett. 69. Claire DeTamble. 70. Harper Lee. 71. Dr. Martha Norkunas. 72. Michelle Dahlenberg. 73. Joan Baez. 74. Judy Collins. 75. Esperanza Spalding. 76. Linda Holmes. 77. Marie-Elizabeth Mali. 78. Emma Thompson. 79. Emma Watson. 80. Katharine Hepburn. 81. Audrey Hepburn. 82. Julie Andrews. 83. Marian Cotillard. 84. Virginia Woolf (questionable sexual ethics and suicide aside, the woman could write). 85. Noel Piper. 86. Joni Erickson Tada. 87. Anne Bradstreet. 88. All the women I know pursuing postgraduate degrees, some with families. 89. Sacajawea. 90. Julie Taymor (bizarre Spider-man-related incidents aside). 91. Leigh Nash. 92. Ree Drummond. 93. Lynn Rosetto-Kaspar. 94. Marketa Irglova. 95. Khaira Arby. 96. Abigail Washburn. 97. Lori Chaffer. 98. Meg Murry. (Can we call Aunt Beast and Mrs. Whatsit women? Probably not, or else I’d include her, too.) 99. Joy Gresham. 100. Dorothy Sayers.


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