home is where i am when i’m with you.

1. I just got back to Houston after spending a week in Austin. I went up for the Texas Library Association’s annual shindig, which was a lot like the proverbial drink from a firehose. Lots of information (…of course), lots of people met and reconnected with, lots of coffee. And I also got to see some friends, friends that at this point feel a lot like family, and it made me miss them even more than I had. So if you Austin folk are reading, thanks again for all the long chats and hugs.

2. Lots of things going on–a friend just had neurosurgery last week while I was gone, which went well, thankfully. One of my old college roommates just announced that she’s pregnant and due in October. Another friend has an interview on Tuesday for a good job here in Houston. Lots of transitions, lots of people dancing in and out of different spaces. It feels good, even though it can be frustrating.

3. One more thing: This week has been a good kick in the pants to get me to move to action. I’d gotten kind of stagnant for a bit, so a kick in the pants is what I needed, for sure. It’s kind of healing, actually. So there you go.

4. Now, this upcoming week, the week we reflect on what is literally the crux of history, it’s time to enter in to the story. Hear the crowds, hear the cry of a dying man, hear your own voice shout for salvation, call for His death, weep for His seeming tragedy. And then walk with Him away from the city and feel your heart catch fire.


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