1. Thought I had while at Bible study the other night: Isn’t it interesting that Cain was a gardener, when he [likely] knew that his parents had been 1) commissioned to cultivate the earth as its stewards and 2) they had been kicked out of not just a garden, but The Garden? And isn’t it interesting that the offering he brings God is the result of that work, and isn’t it interesting that the curse God gives him is taking that work away from him? I’m still trying to understand the implications of that.

2. You know how I’ve gone on about how I want to do a conference on women and theology? Well. The Gospel Coalition (which is an organization I love and respect) is doing one next summer. Awesome. 😀 Going to start saving now.

3. I wonder if the recent uptick in twenty- and thirtysomethings being more interested in handmaking things–food, clothes, other stuff, everything–has something to do with the uptick in movies and TV shows about postapocalyptic, survival-mode situations. It’s gotten ingrained in our collective consciousness that the robots or the terrorists or Big Brother or the Communists are going to take over, or the government and economy are just going to unravel, or nuclear war or global warming is going to wipe out civilization as we know it, and we’re going to need to know how to take care of ourselves. Obviously, I can’t prove this, but I wonder.

4. I’ve always loved rain, but these days, I’m downright grateful for it.

5. I don’t know what this means, but I’ve had Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” stuck in my head for the past week. *holds up boombox*


3 thoughts on “hello.

  1. Amanda,

    You’ve got a keen observation in point #3. People DO want to know how to take care of themselves, although I’m not sure the reason for doing so falls into the categories that you listed as such. I understand you are just speculating, but I’m more inclined to believe that people are not so much AFRAID as they are fed up with depending on the earthly powers-that-be to come through for them. Our government is corrupt. Our military is battle-weary. Our society is debauched and over-entertained. Our schools are God-less. Our children are adults. Our food options really SUCK! Those are the reasons why I think people are taking things into their own hands – because they have a vested interest in preserving the things that are near and dear to them, because apparently no one else on this earth does.


    1. Which is not to say that we don’t have the right and the responsibility to take hold of our lives and take the opt-out option. What I mean is, it’s not as though things were ideal before our times, but I think the possibility of complete social implosion (as well as the awareness of it) is more up front in our collective consciousness than it used to be.

      Anyway, the whole self-sufficiency/make your own stuff thing is something I dwell on quite a bit. We should chat. 🙂

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