thursday 13 (it’s back!)

Sorry for the very long hiatus. This week: Things you like to drink, and when.

1. While reading: coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon, Newcastle Brown Ale or Shiner Bock at night.

2. After working out: Water, then orange juice, then more water.

3. While doing desk work: Definitely coffee or tea.

4. At concerts in a club: Gin & tonic.

5. At concerts in a big venue: Overpriced beer, or nothing, depending on how full my bank account is after buying the tickets.

6. Late nights with my friend Madalyn: Cava.

7. When I’m on health kicks: Smoothies. 🙂 And water.

8. Spring and summer: Lemonade. Sweet tea. Cherry limeade from Sonic during happy hour. Margaritas. Iced coffee. Starbucks passion tea lemonade.

9. Winter: Hot chocolate! Also, Blue Moon’s winter version.

10. Autumn: Woodchuck Pear. Oh, and pumpkin spice lattes. And chai.

11. In the bathtub: Shiner Bock. Or Diet Coke.

12. After church: For some reason, this has become a small chocolate shake from Whataburger.

13. At a pub with Presbyterians: Fireman’s 4.


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