a hymn to the Holy Spirit for Pentecost

This is a confession
that I do not understand You.

Not that I understand the other
two members of the Trinity, but
how do you wrap your mind around
wind, around fire, around breath?
Well, the answer is: You don’t.
It wraps itself around you.

Or rather, He, not it,
because You are a being of personal pronouns–
You are not peace, love, and groovy vibes,
You are the Lord, the Giver of life,
and You do what You want to do,
You go where You want to go,
and we can no more harness You
than stop a hurricane.

You are the breath that fills these lungs
and turns into praise;
You raise up these dry bones into an army
whose weapons are love, joy, and peace;
You tear down the tower of our sin,
but then You bring us in
to the one city whose Builder and Architect is God,
where a thousand tongues are sung,
but “alleluia, amen!” sounds the same in every one.

And this is a confession that
we do not understand You,
but we need You.
And we come here to honor You
in all we sing, all we do, all we hear,
so come open up our lips, our hands, our ears.

And we ask this in the name of the Father
and of the Son
and in Your name, Holy Spirit.

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