“oh, i don’t love you/i always will…”

1. If you’re in Houston, you need to come up to my part of the world and see the Lanier Theological Library. I kind of want to move in. (Plus, they get extra points for having a replica of the TARDIS on the lawn.)

2. My friends Dave and Lindsay and the Nerdist podcast have turned me on to Doctor Who. It’s getting somewhat ridiculous, but my gosh, I love Christopher Eccleston. (I’ve heard it only gets better.)

3. I gave up on reading only 100-year-or-more-old books because it was driving me mad. So I’m cranking through last year’s Pulitzer winner for fiction, and a book about domestic history (yes, I’m a nerd), and might start the last Harry Potter book to remind myself of the plot before I go see the last movie (!).

4. I recently discovered the song “What Happens When The Heart Just Stops” by The Frames, and am now kind of obsessed. (The version on Set List is the best one, I think.)

5. Is it weird that I want to save up some money for dance lessons? (I blame So You Think You Can Dance.)

6. I also blame SYTYCD for my obsession with The Civil Wars’ “Poison and Wine”:

7. So, with all the reading and working and watching stuff and church whatnot and sleeping and job hunting, not a whole lot of stuff has been appearing here. A lot of my thinking has appeared elsewhere on the Internet and isn’t hard to find. One of these days I might consolidate it all somewhere, but we’ll see.


5 thoughts on ““oh, i don’t love you/i always will…”

  1. Embrace the ridiculousness of Doctor Who, because beneath the aliens and weirdness is some amazing storytelling and really emotionally resonant drama.

    (Tell me once you’ve seen the episodes with the phrase, “Are you my mommy?” One of my favorites in the first series.)

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