i shot the sheriff. (but i did not shoot the deputy.)

1. Oh, hey, wow, I have a blog! *pats it on head* Poor, neglected blog. It’s okay, buddy, I’m back.

2. So, my life the past three weeks or so: Get a call asking me to go interview at a small college in a small town in Kentucky (with all travel expenses paid), go do so, nice people, pretty good job, tiny town (5200 people + a Wal-mart, and that’s about it) in the middle of some gorgeous country, go home (after spending the night in the Knoxville, TN airport), get a call that afternoon offering me the job (!!!!), they give me the weekend to think about it. I go watch the last Harry Potter movie, work, pray about it, think about it, am generally angsty about it–Saturday morning I give up and say, “Okay, Lord, if You want me to go, I’ll go.” Later that day: “Okay. You’re staying here for a while.” “What?” “Yeah.” Even later that day: “This is Half-Price Books, we’re hiring, you want to come in for an interview?” Monday, me to Kentucky: “Thanks, it was awesome, but no thanks.” Wednesday: Get hired by Half-Price (full-time! killer benefits!). Thursday: Get an e-mail asking if I’m interested in a part-time position at the local community college doing reference librarianship. (Yes, please!). Friday: Put in my two weeks’ notice at Target. 😀 This week: work, and ticking down the days until I get to leave. Huzzah.

I think we’re caught up. It’s been a little insane, but I’m feeling good about it. The plan is to do this for a few years, pay off my current school debts, and then…well…go to seminary and get an MA in Biblical studies with the goal (at least now) to be a theological librarian. This is going to be an interesting ride.

3. Thought had tonight: Every time we get together for church, it’s the rehearsal dinner for the wedding.

4. Know what’s kind of fun? Sitting down with people and asking them how they got to know Jesus.

5. One of these days, I’m going to sit down with everyone I know and make them unpack their whole life story for me in one sitting. Maybe record it, I don’t know. But I feel like there’s so much I don’t know about people I’ve known practically my whole life, and I want to dig into that.

6. I didn’t see Part 1 of the last Harry Potter movie, but for some reason I looked up a particular scene in it, and that led me to this song, with which I am now obsessed:


2 thoughts on “i shot the sheriff. (but i did not shoot the deputy.)

  1. Erica

    1) I’m obsessed with that song too!
    2) Congrats on your decisions! I love working for Half Price Books, it’s an awesome company. Plus all the people I work with were great too. We’re awesome too, for working there.

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