“santa maria, one day you will know…”

1. Listening to The Frames’ album Set List as I write this. Highly recommended.

2. Ever since I made the decision to stay in Houston a while, a bunch of things have happened that have made me more grateful than ever that I’m here–foremost of which is the fact that my church is amazing, and I love them, and I’m looking forward to doing life with them. I don’t know what’s going on, but the past few times I’ve been at church things, it feels like the sparks of something are in the air, and I want to be around when it catches fire.

3. If you’re ever in the Houston area, come visit my church with me. Seriously. I will come pick you up if I need to.

4. For some reason this weekend I’ve been thinking about the idea of the artist as a prophetic voice, that people who are creatives have the opportunity to speak truth to and about the world through their work (and maybe in other ways, too).

“santa maria, one day you will know…”

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