the living room recommends…

Immersion reading
Pick a book of the Bible. Read the whole thing in one sitting. Do this every day for a month or so. After a while you might hit a wall, but keep going. It’s amazing.

The Sound of Young America
A really fun interview podcast with everyone from Elijah Wood to Simon Pegg to Hanson.

The Frames, Set List
Their live album, recorded in their home city of Dublin. If you’ve listened to their studio work at all, know that anything they do live is tons, tons better. They sneak in bits of Johnny Cash and Bob Marley, but I think my favorite part is listening to the crowd singing.

The Splendid Table
If you’re at all like me and are interested in not only making and eating food, but where it comes from (agriculturally and sociologically), I recommend this podcast. Lynne Rosetto Kaspar seems like this immensely wise and fun human being, and I’d listen to her talk about anything.


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