50 things for which i am grateful this week.

1. My community group at church, who are like prayer ninjas (and a lot of fun). Love those folks.

2. Netflix.

3. My job, which is awesome.

4. Podcasts.

5. Diet Coke.

6. I’ve started doing Pilates again, and it feels really, really good.

7. I am very slowly learning how to be okay with my emotions, which has always gone badly for me in the past.

8. My guitar.

9. Salsa music.

10. Doctor Who. Oh my gosh.

11. Nalgene bottles. (When I’m on the register at work, I get really thirsty from talking to a ton of people, so having water there is nice.)

12. All my body parts, as far as I’m aware, are in good working order.

13. Coffee.

14. This week, which has been one big push of the reset button for me.

15. Paychecks.

16. Google.

17. Text messages.

18. My parents, who are being kind enough to let me live with them while I’m broke.

19. The public library (free books!).

20. Getting to know other women. For a long time I only got along with guys, so being able to form friendships with ladies is nice.

21. My church is okay with female deacons.

22. Pinterest.

23. Books that make me grateful to be literate.

24. Tylenol.

25. The incredible long naps I had yesterday and this afternoon.

26. People that push me to have to think about stuff so I can explain it.

27. There are a lot of good men in my life, men who work hard and respect women and love their significant others. Not all of them are believers, but we’re working on that part. 😉

28. Hashtags on Twitter.

29. Eye makeup.

30. For some reason I couldn’t find my glasses this morning, and so I put on one of my older spare pairs, and it turns out I can actually see better through these. And they’re not crooked like my “normal” ones are. So…grateful for eyewear serendipity.

31. I went to get my car inspected this morning, and the guy pointed out that one of my tires is really worn down and he offered me the chance to go get it fixed before he inspected it (he would have had to fail it otherwise).

32. New books.

33. Dexter.

34. Good stories in general.

35. This:

36. Friends I can drink margaritas and eat Mexican food with.

37. I know where my next meal will come from; I can sleep at night without threat of being killed; I have full political rights as a woman and a person of color; I may speak my opinions; I can practice my faith without fear of persecution.

38. And even if #37 weren’t true, I am a citizen of the true Kingdom, and that can get you through a lot.

39. The witness of people for whom #37 is not true, who show the rest of us that Jesus really is enough.

40. I am one of ten thousand times ten thousand who have been redeemed from every tribe, language, people, and tongue by the Lamb who was slain.

41. I am no longer a slave to sin.

42. Every pain, every brokenness, every heartbreak is one day going to be redeemed.

43. “No guilt in life, no fear in death / This is the power of Christ in me / From life’s first cry to final breath / Jesus commands my destiny”

44. Music. Art. Dance. Poetry. Theater. Beauty and truth.

45. Jesus comes after me, no matter how hard I try sometimes to ignore Him.

46. And He came after me all the way to death and the wrath of the Father.

47. I belong to a church community that loves praying together.

48. I am alive. And I’m happy to be.

49. God is not done with me yet.

50. Jesus is going to return one day to set the world to rights. And He comes every single day to set me to rights, and will keep doing so until the day I die and am raised again.


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