may the odds be ever in your favor.

1. Why, yes, I did just finish reading Mockingjay. Holy smokes, people.

2. My emotions have been kinda raw this week. Not sure why. I am, however, taking this as a good sign. But if I seem a little on edge, it’s a combination of this and my having just finished Mockingjay. 😉

3. Did I tell y’all I have a Tumblr? Most of you good readers already follow me on Twitter and get links to the posts in my feed, but check out One More Tree In the Garden for some miscellaneous thoughts on faith and art.

4. I haven’t asked y’all questions in a while, so:

a) How can I be praying for you?
b) What are you doing this weekend?
c) What’s the last article of clothing you bought?
d) What color is your car?
e) Who is one person who makes you feel at home?
f) Where is your hairbrush, if you have one?
g) What did you eat for breakfast this morning?


One thought on “may the odds be ever in your favor.

  1. a) Clear mind. Strong heart. The ability to stay awake.
    b) Kaleo Men’s Conference, what-what! and then the usual.
    c) I just bought a Texans ball-cap. Like, about an hour and a half ago.
    d) Navy blue. (Deep-steel-blue, even).
    e) my old roommate Trevor
    f) on the sink, next to the comb, the mousse, and the pomade (don’t mess with a man’s hair jelly)
    g) ChickFilA chicken biscuits, and a diet coke.

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