things i have been pondering.


The spiritual disciplines, and how bad I am at them.

The way different people’s hugs feel.

What it’s like to be in such deep darkness that you can’t see any light at all, and what it’s like to love people who are there.

Knowing my neighbors.

Being in the suburbs, for the suburbs.

Going without makeup.

What it means to dress in such a way that loves God and loves my neighbors.

Coffee. (Always.)

To quote Mumford & Sons, “You are not alone in this/As brothers we will stand and we’ll hold your hand.”

Ordering time differently than the rest of the world.

Being intentional with how I think and make choices.


Long-sleeved shirts, eventually.

What I heard the other day: Ritual is the physical enactment of spiritual and emotional realities.

We do not have to assign things meaning that God has already given meaning.

Reality vs. abstraction. (Always.)

What it looks like to live as a whole person.



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