watch the rising day.

1. I went to go see Matthew Smith with a couple of friends on Sunday night, and have thus been humming this to myself at work all week:

2. For some reason, the image in my head whenever I pray lately is that of a warrior standing guard over another one, sword drawn, watching the night, with the intent that the enemy shall take neither one of them in the darkness. Perhaps this is appropriate.

3. Somehow today during a conversation with a coworker, I became the future recipient of a plaid cloak in exchange for a Doctor Who scarf. If you needed any more confirmation of our nerddom at Half-Price Books, there you have it.

4. I really want to get people together to go Christmas caroling this year. I have a lot of musically talented friends and I’d love to make music with y’all. (Or even my not-musically-talented friends, at that.) This needs to happen.

5. I am attempting to live my life by the church calendar, not the retail calendar, so as long as I can help it, there will be no Christmas shopping or Christmas music at least until the first Sunday of Advent.

6. Dadgum. I want a piece of pie.

7. OMG YOU GUYS THE HUNGER GAMES TRAILER. (Excuse me while I hyperventilate.) If you have not read those books yet, go read them soon before the movie comes out.

8. Hey, guess what? You are loved.


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