fa la la.

1. A lot of you who read this also follow me on Twitter, but just in case you don’t, I am happy to announce that I am the production editor for Achtung!, an online journal for the emerging field of U2 studies (yes, seriously). I’ll be making sure everything gets up on the Internet in good time and in the right format. 🙂

2. So I’ve had a stomach bug the past few days and have been more or less miserable (and missed what was apparently an epic birthday party for my friend, boo, hiss). However, it feels Advent-appropriate–I am groaning for the redemption of this body, and further learning to live as an embodied person, too. (I am feeling better by now, thankfully. Hungry, but better.)

3. Not sure what it is, but I’m not feeling Christmassy just yet…still very much in Advent/waiting/longing mode. Maybe that’s appropriate, too.

4. Actually, it might be the fact that I haven’t had any peppermint bark yet this year.

5. Houstonians, if you haven’t been to Ruggles Green, go. It is awesome. They have excellent veggie sandwiches, among other things.

6. …can you tell I haven’t eaten anything more substantial than toast the past couple of days?

7. Also satisfying is that time that we went to The Tasting Room and had community group there a couple of weeks ago. Our waiter: “Are y’all having a Bible study?” “Yeah.” “…I don’t think I’ve ever seen that here before.” *laughter* “…where do y’all go to church?”

8. I wish I could convey in words just how deep my affection runs for the people of my church, how wonderful the things are that the Spirit is doing in, through, and for them, how much these days make me want to love Jesus and hate my sin even more. I wish I could show you the sight of my pastor crying in his seat today after preaching; I wish I could play you the sound of us singing together on Sunday mornings; I wish you could come sit on my friends’ living room floor and eat with us. Words can’t express it; my life will have to do.


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