the living room recommends

If you love hymnody or want some ideas about faith and art, check out this group of folks from Christ the King Presbyterian in DurhamRaleigh (thanks, Kristen), NC. They have a couple of albums for free download on the site, and they’re both really good.

Praying scary prayers
Mine recently: Lord, until I can serve You better as someone’s wife, keep me single. (As someone who tends to make idols out of relationships, this is FREAKING ME OUT.)

Empire Cafe (Houston, TX)
I can’t speak for their food, but they make excellent coffee (and you get cookies with it) and the atmosphere is really laid-back and conducive to conversation or reading or whatever you want to do at a cafe.

Sleeping with socks on
Seriously, when it’s cold out like it is now, it makes more of a difference than you think it will.

The Layover
This is a show on the Travel Channel in which Anthony Bourdain spends 48 hours in a city and eats and shops and hangs out and gives his recommendations on where to go with the usual aplomb and snark.

I’ve praised this show briefly before, but a refresher: It was a (sadly very shortly-lived) show on FX about two private detectives who get into miscellaneous misadventures. Really smart writing, really great dynamic between the two leads, lots of fun secondary cast. The reason I bring it up now is that it is now on Netflix Streaming, so now you have no excuse.


3 thoughts on “the living room recommends

  1. I discovered sleeping with socks about 3 years ago… changed my life.

    Christ the King is in Raleigh, actually. We visit sometimes when we are at my parents’! Great resource.

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