advent, week 3.

(a meditation on Isaiah 61:10)

I am, as yet, unmarried,
just like hundreds of other women
my age, in my socioeconomic bracket,
with my education level,
which I suppose should be comforting,
but most days, and especially
on the days when I am most honest,
it is not,

because I have listened to all the
fairy tales, the ones with princesses
and the ones with the waitresses who marry
millionaires, the ones in the books
and at the big picture show,
the ones that promised me my prince would
come someday–

but the longer I live the more
I realize that they were just fortune-cookie
papers that were directions to
the feast of love that is waiting for me
and all the daughters of Zion,
when we shall be clothed in stars,
we will be crowned with righteousness,
and we will be better than married:

We will be His.


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