50 things: the year in review.

1. My friends got a lovely new house.
2. Going to Austin for TLA Annual, making some connections, seeing some old friends.
3. Housewarming/birthday party at my friends’ house.
4. New people, new friends.
5. Getting my gig at HPB.
6. *Not* moving to Kentucky.
7. The last Harry Potter movie at midnight with Hannah.
8. Mexican food + margaritas with the girls.
9. Post-church lunches, all the time.
10. S’mores night at Mayberry Manor.
11. “Hey, Greg.” “Hi, Amanda–” *double take*
12. Easter at the Stroms’.
13. Matthew Smith concert with C-Dub and Impero.
14. Meagan’s art show.
15. Discovering The Hunger Games.
16. Work nicknames: Amandapants, Mandar, Amanda Panda, Amandaconda.
17. David Crowder Band show w/some Kaleoians; the discovery of Gungor and their beatboxing cellist.
18. My church’s anniversary shindig.
19. Watching the BBC Sherlock with Steph in one sitting.
20. Blasting music before opening and after closing the store.
21. Catalina Coffee, Empire Cafe, and not one, but two Cowboy Coffees at Common Grounds in Waco.
22. Systematic Theology with Joel Burdeaux.
23. Wilco concert at the Verizon Theater in March.
24. The discovery of Doctor Who.
25. Abraham Lincoln, commie hunter (don’t ask).
26. Paul Simon and STOMP on Jimmy Fallon.
27. Funerals for the parents of people I love–community, joy, and hope amidst grief and sorrow.
28. Road trip to Austin with Hannah for one SXSW show with Hannah–coffee cupcakes, Marc Maron, barbecue, Italian ice, and driving through the hill country at midnight.
29. Laughing hysterically with Steph at our dining room table about this and this.
30. “That’s a lot of cast iron.” “…Really. A lot of cast iron?”
31. The discovery of Andrew Peterson’s Wingfeather saga.
32. “Jesus, I My Cross Have Taken.”
33. Praying on Sunday nights.
34. Praying before church with the boys (for some reason I think I am the only girl who shows up and does this).
35. Mia and Elaine’s housewarming party.
36. The Muppets.
37. Miscellaneous randomness at work.
38. “What are we going to do tomorrow?” “The same thing we do every day. Try to take over the world.” “B***s***! We are not!”
39. All my friends who got married and had babies or got pregnant.
40. “I think you might have been a cat in a past life.” “If I actually believed in reincarnation, I might agree with you.” “Maybe in a past life you were a cat who believed in reincarnation…?” “…” “Maybe you were a Buddhist cat?”
41. Company at the movies with Steph and Dave.
42. The Sing-Off, y’all. The Sing-Off.
43. The possibility of joining forces with Bellaire Central Baptist Church (I feel like it’s been part of most of our conversations in the past three months at church). The meetings, the joint services, the discussions, everything.
44. Miscellaneous shenanigans at band practice.
45. Oh, so, I got a Tumblr.
46. Bin-Laden got killed, the Middle East erupted (not in that order), the economy went to heck (not to hell, necessarily–we still *have* an economy, after all), Gaddafi, Liz Taylor, Kim Jong-Il, Andy Rooney, and Amy Winehouse died, and the world keeps spinning on.
47. Getting sick and missing my friend’s birthday party. 😦
48. Getting to listen to my whole church sing when I help lead the music. It’s a beautiful sound.
49. Being prayed for.
50. A God who keeps His promises to me, to all of us; the healing of a lot of hurt and fear; the ability to trust and follow; the opening up of my heart. Here’s to a 2012 full of more of that.


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