things i’m pondering these days.

How to get more fruit and veg and fewer refined carbs and less meat into my diet.

How being in community with people has me seriously reconsidering how I eat. (Lots of people at church doing juice fasts or not eating wheat [myself included] or otherwise being really intentional about their eating.)

What it means that God made us specifically gendered people–what it means for me, being a woman, to be specifically feminine in the time and place in which I live, and doing that for the glory of God.

Tim Keller’s excellent advice to single people: Start off as friends first. Don’t consider potential partners for how good they look or how successful they are or how they can further your personal agenda in being an awesome person or getting emotional satisfaction, but how well you click as people and how well you think you can serve God together and be part of sanctifying one another. Does this person make you want to love Jesus more? Could you be part of helping them love Jesus more?

Packing up and moving for the heck of it. Except not really. But still.

How to love my family and friends better.

Coffee. Always.

The rather traumatic ending to Doctor Who season 2. (“Rose Tyler, I–“)


2 thoughts on “things i’m pondering these days.

  1. Man, I love that episode of Doctor Who.

    My husband and I started out as friends. We just clicked and I thought before we ever talked about going out that I wanted to be his friend. I wanted to learn from him, to confide in him, and vice versa. And then it just naturally progressed. I love that it happened that way. Met in a singles group at church, so yes, it DOES happen. 🙂

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