so here’s a story.

The summer in between my junior and senior years of high school, my old church took the high school students on a mission trip to Washington, DC. One night we went to a homeless mission in what was then a really sketchy part of the city to do a service with them. On our way back to the metro station, some of the dads that had gone with us moved to the perimeter–on the sides, in the front and the back–so that we kids were surrounded. Almost immediately, the guys, these other high school kids, moved with them so that we girls were in the middle, and my abiding memory of that trip is knowing that we were protected and safe, because our men, younger and older, gladly took up responsibility for the protection of our little part of the body. A good number of those young men are married and daddies now, and I think that was good practice.

* * *
I have a heart for the men of the church, especially the young men; I am blessed to have a large number of surrogate big brothers and fathers, in addition to my own dad (who is a wonderful, godly man, by the way). These days, when I think of you guys, I think of that night in Washington, the men leading the way through the dark, in joyful honor to us.

The sermon this morning was on Titus 2, and the qualities men and women in the church should strive for. Paul, and therefore our pastor, spent a lot of time on the young men, which my church is full of. After church the elders usually stand up at the front for anyone who wants to be prayed for, and while I was helping to tear down, I watched a number of our guys go up, which for this girl is an encouragement.

God is doing wonderful things in, through, and for our church. And I believe that as we go forward, we’re going to see our men rise up and lead the charge against the dark. So rise up, you mighty men of valor, the Lord is with you.


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