thinking about this stuff.

1. I’m in a period of my life where God is teaching me how to trust Him and wait for His timing and that He’s doing stuff even though I may not necessarily see it happening. This drives me absolutely nuts, because I am an NJ in Myers-Briggs and like to know where we’re going and how we’re getting there. And God knows this about me, which is why He sticks me in a lot of situations where I have to shut up and follow Him anyway. Because He loves me. And in my own small, imperfect way, I love Him, too, and so I have to choose to go with Him. (But He drives me nuts.)

2. I’m giving up books for Lent, Lauren Winner-style. (Stop laughing; I can hear you all the way over here.) I catch myself identifying more with what I know and being known as That Girl Who Reads A Lot, all the while ignoring the Book that ought to define me. So. No reading it is, aside from the Bible and a devotional book I’ve been using (Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening, which is great). I am actually kind of nervous about this.

3. Of course, the temptation is to blitz through a lot of movies with all that non-reading time I’ll have, which I feel like is kinda missing the point, but I still might do anyway…

4. Being honest about yourself to other people is terrifying, but it is amazing, like stepping off the ledge of a building and finding a giant bunch of pillows at the bottom.

5. That’s all I have. Good night, y’all.


2 thoughts on “thinking about this stuff.

  1. ashless

    It is one of my favorite things about you, Amanda, that you are so addicted to reading that you have to give up books for Lent. You are the only person I know for whom that would make sense.

    But it is only one of my favorite things about you. I miss you.

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