Bullet points from the past week or so

1. I forgot to mention that I got a Kindle Touch (thanks, parents…). This thing is amazing.

2. Last week there was a pretty serious, terrible thing that happened to a family at my church that could have been a lot more serious and terrible. It’s been an amazing thing to watch the people of my church love and care for these folks, and it’s amazing to see the provision of God in the middle of it.

3. A group of friends and I went camping last weekend (my first time! I got to cross off something on my bucket list, too) at Garner State Park (out west of San Antonio). So much fun, and good to get out of the city and turn off my phone and sleep on the ground and get to know these lovely folks better.

4. From my journal, the culmination of a lot of conversations about asking Jesus to provide, and how He already has so much already:

In every high and raging flood
Beneath the grey and darkening skies
While all around gets swept away
Let our Redeemer’s praise arise

You are enough, we will not fear
For in all things Your love is near
The cross has made Your mercies clear
You are enough for us
You are enough for us



1. Easter is trippy, you guys. I mean, Christmas, we kind of get–virgin mom or not, we all have birthdays. Good Friday–well, we get death, because we are all fallen and we’re cranking towards that ourselves (unless Jesus comes back). We even sort of understand substitutionary death. But resurrection? We just don’t have a frame of reference for that, because who do you know that’s come back to life? We just have Jesus to look to, and we have to trust that He’s the precursor for all of us who belong to Him. Trippy. No wonder the disciples kept getting freaked out.

2. Yesterday at my church, we sang loudly. We proclaimed “He is risen indeed!” loudly. The kids showed up in fluffy dresses and little clip-on ties. The grown-ups got a little bit more fancier than usual. And the gospel was preached. That’s a pretty good Easter service, if you ask me.

3. Also, I got to play “I’ll Fly Away” on my friend’s guitar in her and her husband’s backyard with another guy who was on banjo. All we need is an upright bass or a fiddle or something and we’ll have ourselves a bluegrass band.

4. I’ve been on a crazy classical music kick, but mostly thanks to this guy, Gustavo Dudamel (just watch him work):

holy wednesday: Mary.

We meant to save this for my marriage,
This, my inheritance, the price paid
To a husband in exchange for his protection,
His provision, and (if I were lucky) his affections.

One small jar, a year’s pay–
And I crack it open on hair dusty
With Jerusalem soil, shoulders weighed down
By some great load I cannot understand,

And it runs down like anointing oils
On the unlikeliest of kings, and as I
Look into His eyes despite all proper inhibition,
I see, and I know–we shall be wed despite

His great sorrow, or because of it,
And I have no need of this sweet fragrance
Anymore–He shall pay my bride-price for me,
And carry me over the threshold into home.