month of happiness: #89

89. chocolate pudding

I mean. Do I really need to unpack this one?

If you are American, you probably grew up eating those pudding cups from the refrigerated section of the grocery store, right by the yogurt and the sour cream. Or you got the instant mix. Either way, it is excellent stuff, no matter how full of weird unpronounceable chemicals it is.

One of the dining halls at my alma mater would put out this chocolate pudding in fancy dishes, with a little fluffball of whipped cream on top, but–and this is the kicker–there were bits of crushed Heath bars on top. Those little caramelized crunchy pieces up against creamy pudding? I still kind of think about that.

There’s a movement to make this kind of stuff from scratch, which I totally want to try out. Or make it fancier, call it pot de creme, and be on with it. Which is also delicious. But there’s something lovely and nostalgic about the stuff out of the box, or in those little plastic cups with the foil on the top, because the high-end homemade stuff just can’t replicate that.

(I should also mention, because I’m actually not much of a chocolate person [believe it or not], that butterscotch and vanilla pudding? Also pretty stellar.)


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