a random list of things I’m thinking about but not in a coherent enough way to make them their own posts

1. This book I just read called Will Grayson, Will Grayson
2. Cinnamon-sugar popcorn
3. My friends Eric and Beth are moving next week, and that bums me out.
4. I missed community group tonight, and I am sad.
5. My employer is taking a booth to a sci-fi/horror/fantasy/comics convention next weekend. I am expecting a lot of nerds in costumes.
6. Mom should only be in the hospital a couple more weeks; thanks for asking.
7. I work with a handful of gay folks and I’m pretty sure they’re convinced Christians hate them, so it’s rather interesting/fun to live in such a way as to prove otherwise.
8. Gender neutrality in academia (not that academics aren’t aware of gender, but gender stereotypes tend to not run rampant amongst them)
9. I’ve been really tired the past few weeks.
10. I’ve also been both really aware of my sin and unable to sit still long enough to pray. And kind of asocial, at that, so that’s not really good. Looking forward to Sunday in a way I have not looked forward to Sunday in some time. Needing a reboot.
11. Love.


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