thursday 13.

This week: 13 things on your desk.

1. Red polka-dot Nalgene.
2. Bottle of Kroger-brand Benadryl-type pills.
3. Kitchen timer from Ikea.
4. Cup full of pens, pencils, scissors, chopsticks (?), paintbrushes, and markers.
5. A wood bowl my late grandfather carved. Presently full of odd bits.
6. A flashlight.
7. Keys.
8. A rabbit-head PEZ dispenser.
9. A lavender-vanilla-scented candle.
10. A tub of Boots Extracts avocado body butter.
11. Three-hole punch.
12. A box of my business cards.
13. A pad of Post-Its I use for my to-do lists.


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