hi hi hi

1. Sorry that the last actual post I wrote on here was so emo. Been thinking kind of emo thoughts lately, though. Not the worrying kind, like I have had in the past, so don’t fret, friends. But I would not be me without having constant existential crises, so you should worry about the day I stop.

2. For some reason of late I have been reading books about marriage, thinking about marriage. And with that comes the realization that I actually don’t rightly know how to do what leads up to marriage, i.e., dating. (This is where I tell you that I am 27.5 years old and I have not ever been in a long-term relationship. I am more or less all right with this–moreso than I used to be, for sure–but there you have it.) I am of the mind that maybe learning about how marriage works would be good prep for dating, but besides actually going on a date with a fellow, any suggestions?

3. And I think, too, that I still have a great deal of anxiety regarding relating to people at all–more than I show–so maybe getting some of my issues worked out would be good prep as well…

4. I’ve been an American citizen for a little over 23 years now. This country, for me, is a gift, an opportunity given to me. I did not choose it; it opened its arms up and welcomed me, an orphan and an alien, and gave me a family. We’re in a rather odd state of affairs right now, and I think we must either be reformed from the inside out or collapse entirely, but I love America anyway. There is beauty here, and I hold out hope that when the world is renewed for good, we’ll know America’s true grandeur at last, as it bows its knees before the King of all kings (and presidents, and congresspeople). So happy 236th birthday, America.

5. And that’s all we’ve got. Later. Be loved.


One thought on “hi hi hi

  1. Marriage is supposed to be a picture of Christ and His bride –the Church. I’ve been married 47 years and I think that how marriage works is that before marriage you want someone who is good for you, and then after marriage you want to be good for him.

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