breath, word, life.

If there’s not a lot being said around these parts these days, my friends, it is because I’m trying to find my voice again, to find my faith again. Not that I have ever entirely lost my belief in Jesus, but that I realize how shallow its roots have been, and now the tree is gasping for breath.

I confessed to my friends last Thursday that, as I am an avid reader, I treat the Scriptures like just another book, to be skimmed through, maybe superficially analyzed, and then set aside. Even though I’m a good daughter of the Reformation, I forget that in the Bible, the Word Himself speaks to me, if only I would shut up for a while and listen. And without hearing Him, how can a woman live?

In the living, may I not forget to actually live, and do the things that actually give me life. Writing’s one of those, and I miss it. So who knows, maybe I’ll start speaking here again, really speaking.


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