if i should lose my mind

If I should ever lose my mind–
I mean actually lose it, not
like I semi-jokingly say I do, when
really I’m just worried or stressed out
or just forgetful–

if I should actually lose it,
like a misplaced key,
or worse, like a house in flames,
if the patches of my memory
start loosening their stitches
and unraveling to strings,

what I need you to do,
even though it might not work,
is this:

hold me close to you, even though
at that point you might be
a stranger or an enemy as far as I’m concerned;
hold me and bend your voice close to my
shattered ears and whisper,
“you are still loved”
as many times as it takes to bring me back,
even if it never does.

One day, it will.


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