“this day’s been crazy, but everything’s happened on schedule…”

1. It’s National Suicide Awareness Week. I posted a bunch of stuff on Facebook and Twitter about it, but seriously, love people. Make sure they’re okay. You could be saving their lives. And seriously, if you’re thinking about ending your own life, tell someone, no matter how embarrassing or scary or ridiculous it might feel. (If you know my history at all, you know this is kind of a big deal for me.)

2. So I parked my car at work Thursday at about 5 minutes before noon; I walked out at three p.m. and MY CAR WAS NOT THERE. It’s gone. And this sucks. But people have been super-kind to me (not least of all my boss, who gave me the rest of the day off as personal time), and God is good, so the biggest worry I have is that I currently do not have a car.

3. A friend and I had a conversation in which she remarked on how un-freaked-out I am about my car getting stolen. Don’t get me wrong; I hate that it’s gone, and that it’s gone because someone decided taking my property was a good idea. But it’s something fixable. I can get another car. It’s something I can do something about, in other words. The things I freak out about tend to be my own relationships and emotions, and even then they’re usually hypothetical instead of real. More than anything else, I am scared of myself, and proceed accordingly. I am trying to have more courage when it comes to this.

4. Lately I’ve been thinking about the Christian life as an act of theater–the idea that we are to inhabit the role of priests and children of God, a role that’s not natural to us, but that we are called upon to play anyway. But the more we do it, the more it sinks into us, like an actor slips into the story of the show they’re in. And one day, we’ll all inhabit our parts fully.


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