a meditation on ephesians 2:9

And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not the result of works, so that no one may boast.

I tried so hard–

I sewed myself a wedding dress
Of leaves gathered from the fig tree
Withering beneath the morning sun
While the bridegroom went going to fight my dragons
I found myself trying to gather it together
While it crumbled all around my feet

I built an ivory tower to keep out
The demons knocking at the door
And they kept scaling the walls and climbing
In the windows and trying to drag me out
With them to their doom
And the unrighteous run to it and are consumed

But you will not leave me alone
Your invitations keep filling up my mailbox
And only occasionally will I respond with a “yes”
Because I get that you only send them
To people that don’t think you want them to come

No, I was never good enough
And thank God for that

oh! hey

It’s not so much that I forgot to blog; it’s just that, like I keep saying, there’s not a whole lot to write about.

Well, I went camping, so I guess there’s that–16 of us drove up to Colorado Bend State Park and hung out for a weekend. And froze. And ate more bacon than was probably okay.

I’ve been reading the gospels as part of one of those read-through-the-Bible-in-a-year plans. I just finished Matthew, and as a result I’ve been thinking a lot about Jesus as king, and about His life on earth as the ushering of His kingdom against the kingdom of the world. Fun to think about, especially during an election season.

Somehow I’ve managed to read all of the books by young adult author John Green this year. If you haven’t read him and you like witty writing and dialogue, I recommend you check him out. A couple of coworkers and I have started walking around saying, “My name is Will Grayson, and I APPRECIATE YOU, TINY COOPER.” (I do not, however, recommend The Fault In Our Stars if 1) you have direct experience with cancer and 2) you do not want to be depressed for the rest of the day after reading.)

Whaaaaat else. I’m thinking about doing Whole30 in the near future; I’m cranking through Doctor Who in order to catch up by the Christmas special; two of four seminary applications are in; my church is going through Ephesians and I am consequently very, very happy about this; and that’s about it. Nothing deep, nothing super-creative, just life. Deep posts will probably come back right about the time I start school again next fall, so I thank you for your patience, everyone.