“far beyond the misty mountains cold…”

I’m listening to the soundtrack for The Hobbit. There’s one track on here that’s all the dwarves singing together (whence the title of this post), and there are few things that make me happier than hearing a bunch of men singing together. I am so excited about this movie.

Just so you know, I have an online Advent calendar of sorts going at this Tumblr. We’re already a few days into the season, but there’s still plenty of time before Christmas, of course.

I wish, as I’ve been wishing for a very long time now, that I had something more substantial to say. Back in college, when I was in the habit of writing more, I think I had a lot more to say, or at least better ways of saying it. These days, I mostly lament the fact that it feels like my writing voice is gone–and in truth, I know it’s because I’m out of practice, out of habit, not willing to put in the actual drudgery of the writing and thinking process. This is a problem, much like other problems that could be fixed. Eventually. But these days, maybe I’m more concerned with the other bits and pieces of my life, these other fields I have to tend to. Soon, though, I will start planting again. More drafts, more tending to the soil. I miss being a writer. And thanks for continuing to read, if you’re reading.


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