50 things: The year in review

1. My epic birthday at Ruggles Green and The Harp.
2. Cool Runnings and Jamaican food at Mayberry Manor.
3. My mom’s epic stint in the hospital.
4. “18 Wheels on a Big Rig”
5. Saying goodbye to Eric and Beth. 😦
6. “You can grow ideas in the garden of your mind.”
7. “Guns don’t kill people–people with mustaches kill people.” — a bumper sticker I found at work and promptly gave to my mustachioed friend Chris, and which is now less funny post-Newtown
8. Singing together in my friends’ living room (and introducing some folks to songs from Jars of Clay’s first album).
9. All the messy crying on Pentecost…
10. My friends’ babies…so many babies…
11. Easter afternoon and evening on Lach and Kari’s back patio.
12. Comicpalooza.
13. Having a long conversation with Dena and Lauren about adoption instead of watching the Super Bowl.
14. Doing inventory at other stores.
15. My rather disappointing interaction with a potential employer that fell through…
16. My first academic conference in New Mexico–presenting my paper and getting good feedback, learning, getting dried out by the desert air, drinking a lot of coffee in the hotel lobby, watching Hugo by myself at the local theater.
17. Miscellaneous co-workers trying on hats I made for them.
18. Garner State Park: SO MUCH RAIN, hiking, sitting around the campfire and singing together, being together, the epic road trips up and back, the stars, exploring the river, the group photo that looks like Impero’s about to punch Chris in the stomach, the other car doing a Chinese fire drill (in which, ironically, the only person not participating was a Chinese person), lots of Apples to Apples.
19. Sitting around with the Westside CG at Caleb and Holly’s dining room table, playing with wind-up toys and making a small creature out of origami figures and a wine cork. (Don’t even ask.)
20. Steph moving to Dallas 😦 (And her going-away party at The Harp.)
21. New Braunfels/Gruene: Stopping 8000 times on the way up there, “BLACK COFFEE!”, “Men of Kaleo, please meet your party at the front,” The Gristmill, dancing at Gruene Hall, dancing in the kitchen, dancing in the living room, Bananagrams, tipsy spoons, floating the river, miscellaneous injuries, meeting our brethren at Gospel Life Church, lying in the driveway with Meagan and seeing a singular meteor.
22. The Olympics!
23. First Friday Food Truck Fests at the Montrose HEB.
24. Finally saying “yes” to going to seminary. 😀
25. Miscellaneous gatherings at Ruggles Green in City Centre
26. The Dark Knight Rises with Steph, Shannon, and Lauren.
28. The Romeros’ house fire.
29. The Stregers adopted a kid! And he is adorable!
30. The “hey girl” photo of Jack.
31.*Not* merging with BCBC.
32. Lach getting chased by bees at the church anniversary picnic.
33. The “TOO FAR” sign at work (more necessary than you would think).
34. Colorado Bend: Cara’s newfound phobia of sticker burrs, the hike, the falls, the cave, hanging my head out of the side window of the Mullens’ Land Rover like a dog, all the photos, s’mores, Post-Apocalyptic Candy Land, sitting around the campfire singing and talking, the three deer by the toilet, freezing our butts off, epic breakfasts, SO MUCH COFFEE
35. Band rehearsals.
36. Hearing my friends sing glorious music in a Houston cathedral.
37. Being in the side room at the Y during the annual shellacking of the gym floor and getting a little choked up during “In Christ Alone”.
38. The HPB Christmas party at County Line.
39. Ice cream with Matt, Meagan, and Dena after church.
40. Making wreaths and watching Doctor Who with Steph.
41. Moving Meagan and Megan into their new place.
42. Listening to Sigh No More on vinyl in Lach and Kari’s living room before band practice.
43. Standing around with a bunch of my coworkers and some significant others in Kendricx’s kitchen at Claudia’s birthday party.
44. Running commentary with Chris while watching The Hobbit. “You think that ring’s important?” “No.”
45. Writing cards at Panera.
46. The Brilliance/Gungor concert.
47. The Behold the Lamb of God concert (and the epic drive down there with Meagan).
48. Randomly running into Lauren at Memorial City Mall while she was on her lunch break.
49. Conversations everywhere: In cars, in living rooms, in the Y after church, in restaurants, around campfires, in tents, in streets, behind the buy counter at work, in the break room, in movie theaters…
50. Getting caught up in the Story over and over again…


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