lightning round

Writing for fifteen minutes straight. More than two weeks into the new year, and I haven’t written anything here yet. Shame.

So. I hope 2013 has been good to you so far. I am now 28, I am now much more sensitive to wheat (it makes me really irritable and stressed out and anxious, and I would prefer not to feel like that); I am…otherwise pretty much the same. This is good, in a lot of ways. It’s better than being worse, for example, and also good because, well, things were good already. But stagnancy is death, as they say, and I’m always looking for ways to change, to progress. Sometimes that’s slow. A lot of times it’s slow. And that’s okay. One thing I’m learning is patience.

Ah, let’s see. What else. I’m in the middle of a couple of good books, one of which will hopefully help with a lot of intellectual problems I’ve been having with the faith lately (though not emotional ones, I guess–it’s more the “how do I know we didn’t just make this up?” problem). Still involved with church a lot. Thinking about going on a road trip soon. Need to replace the car that got stolen way back in September (yeah, still haven’t gotten on that). Listening to a lot of music.

Hm. Okay. Only five minutes in, and I’ve already run out of things to write about. Oh, well, I did get a phone call at 3:30 this morning–well, multiple phone calls–from a hospice trying to contact someone to let him know his wife/mom/sister/whomever had passed on, but they had the wrong number, and kept calling me, and I had to be at work at 7 this morning. So I’m writing in kind of a zombie state at the moment. However, it’s a lot better than being that guy today, for sure. I do hope they finally got in touch with him, even though that’s pretty awful news to get.


Yeah, I’m boring.

Oh, uh, I saw Les Miserables on Sunday. I have sort of mixed feelings about it, but overall I’d say it’s worth a watch. Even my friends who are not usually fans of musicals dig it, so I suppose that is a point in its favor. 🙂 (I’m still waiting for someone to make a film of Next to Normal and blow everyone’s mind.)

Uhhhhhh. I think that’s it. Reading a lot of food blogs. Watching a lot of John and Hank Green’s YouTube videos, which are always super-entertaining. Watching a lot of Doctor Who (almost caught up, yay). Considering making a dacquoise ( sometime in the near future. Glad I didn’t watch that Lance Armstrong interview last night, or else I think I would’ve thrown something at the TV. Still baffled re: that guy at Notre Dame with the fake girlfriend who died(?) and what that says about our state of credulousness…

Okay, 15 minutes done!