I feel like I have pieces of something–I don’t know what kind of something–rattling around in my brainspace, and they want to be put together. But it’s like they came shipped to me without the instructions and no picture on the box, and I have to figure out how they all fit together.

Something about liturgy, and how it carves us into different shapes than a lot of other things do–how it’s more like practicing an instrument than it is giving a three-year-old crayons and a piece of paper and letting them go nuts. Something about time and memory and routine and being punctuated with big, grandiose moments, but how the ordinary breathing days are good and necessary for our well-being as well. How we need quiet and sound, motion and stillness, giving and receiving. How our culture trains us to want excitement all the time, which isn’t sustainable.

Something like that. I just don’t know what all those pieces want to be.

things i’ve been thinking about

(but not enough to justify their own posts)

Donna Noble as Marian figure (ordinary person becomes most important woman in universe; briefly bears in her body the messianic figure as Doctor-Donna; name means, more or less, “noble lady”; wears a lot of blue, the color traditionally associated with Mary in art; acts as a friend/sister/mother/co-redeemer figure with the Doctor, etc.). Acedia (apathy, lack of care, temptation towards despair/hopelessness toward change) and how I can somehow work this into a prayer of confession. How belief in the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting helps me relate to my mom better. Ash crosses on Ash Wednesday and how they correspond with Ezekiel 9. How I need to eat something besides carbs and meat and coffee. How I need to remember that I am dust and ashes, but also that one day I will shine like a star. Andrew Peterson’s music and how much he loves hammer dulcimers (just like I love hammer dulcimers). How I need to treat people less like problems and more like people. How much I want Sherlock to be back on the air.

100 places i want to visit.

1. The Grand Canyon. 2. Yellowstone National Park. 3. Westminster Abbey. 4. Graceland. 5. The Grand Ole Opry. 6. The Ryman! 7. Mount Everest (just the base). 8. Beijing. 9. Mumbai. 10. San Francisco. 11. Portland, OR. 12. Baltimore. 13. The Spy Museum in Washington, DC. 14. The Newseum in Washington, DC. (I almost went, but kept putting it off.) 15. Hanoi, Vietnam. 16. Stratford-On-Avon. 17. Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiligogogoch, Wales (just so I can get a picture of their sign). 18. The Eagle and Child Pub, Oxford. 19. Stockholm. 20. Chicago (I have somehow never been!). 21. Madrid. 22. Barcelona (insert Stephen Sondheim reference here). 23. The Globe Theatre, London. 24. Portland, ME. 25. The St. Louis Arch (I went up when I was a tiny kid and I think I was freaked out, but I barely remember it). 26. Cambridge. 27. Dublin, Ireland. 28. Lockhart, TX (for the barbecue). 29. Marfa, TX. 30. George, WA (just because I think the name is hilarious). 31. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. 32. Belfast, Northern Ireland. 33. Well, Seoul, of course, someday. 34. Paris. 35. The site of the Texas embassy building in London. (True story–when Texas was still a republic, we had an embassy in Great Britain.) 36. Philadelphia (never been!). 37. Boston (also never been). 38. Osaka, Japan. 39. The Louvre. 40. Brooklyn (been, but only for about half a day). 41. Molokai, HI. 42. Alaska! (In the summertime.) 43. Vancouver. Heard it’s pretty great there, actually. 44. Possibly also Quebec. 45. St. Paul and Minneapolis, MN (in the summertime). 46. Edinburgh, Scotland, during festival season. 47. New Zealand! 48. Australia! 49. South Africa. 50. Wherever it is my aunt and uncle live in Ecuador. 51. The City Museum in St. Louis (I think that’s what it’s called). 52. Mars Hill Church, Seattle (for the experience). 53. Lakewood Church, Houston (for the grins and so I have more ammunition in those discussions). 54. Albuquerque, NM (where I’ve been, but I wanna go back with a car). 55. Moscow. 56. Singapore.
57. Pusan, South Korea (the second largest city in that country, and it doesn’t get any press). 58. Belize. 59. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. 60. Nairobi. 61. Cairo. 62. Denver, CO. 63. The redwood forests in California. 64. Kansas City (both sides). 65. New Orleans (I’ve been, but it was about 20 years ago). 66. Bangkok, Thailand. 67. Jerusalem. 68. Sao Paolo. 69. Buenos Aires. 70. Rome! 71. Istanbul. 72. Montana. 73. Stockholm. 74. The UP in Michigan. 75. Jamaica. 76. The U.S. Virgin Islands. 77. Puerto Rico. 78. Greece! 79. The Camino de Santiago, Spain. 80. Geneva, Switzerland. 81. Berlin. 82. Brussels, Belgium. 83. Disney World. (Yep.) 84. St. Andrew’s, Scotland. 85. The Hamptons. 86. Joshua Tree National Park (during which I will, of course, be blasting the U2 album). 87. Atlanta. 88. Charleston, South Carolina. 89. Indiana, just so I can prove to my friend from there that it is not in fact the most magical place on earth. (Or be proven wrong…) 90. Big Bend (I’ve lived in Texas for 22 years, and I have never been. I am ashamed of this). 91. The McDonald Observatory. 92. Haiti. 93. The Great Barrier Reef. 94. Harry Potter World in Universal Studios. (Yep.) 95. The Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff, Wales. (Yep.) 96. The cliffs of Dover (and I’m tempted to reenact that bit from King Lear…). 97. Bangladesh. 98. The Library Hotel, NYC. 99. Amsterdam. 100. Upstate New York.

name mashups

So last night at work, we on the closing shift started playing the name mashup game–like the “before and after” category onĀ Jeopardy!–and we came up with these gems. Some of them you might have to say out loud to get:

  • Aretha Franklin Delano Roosevelt
  • Walker Percy Jackson & the Olympians
  • Bishop Desmond Tutu-pac Shakur
  • Chuck D Snyder
  • Sufjan Stevens Tyler Perry
  • Nelson Mandela Reese Witherspoon
  • Peter, Paul, & Mary, Queen of Scots Pilgrim vs. the World of Warcraft
  • Eli Whitney Houston
  • F. Scott Fitzgeraldo Rivera
  • Madam C.J. Walker, Texas Ranger
  • Wes Anderson Cooper
  • George R.R. Martin Lawrence Fishburne
  • William Wallace Shawn
  • DJ Jazzy Jeff Foxworthy
  • Kenny G Unit
  • Rachael Ray Charles Nelson Reilly
  • Sacha Baron Coen Brothers
  • Flannery O’Connor Oberst

Please add your own in the comments.