things i’ve been thinking about

(but not enough to justify their own posts)

Donna Noble as Marian figure (ordinary person becomes most important woman in universe; briefly bears in her body the messianic figure as Doctor-Donna; name means, more or less, “noble lady”; wears a lot of blue, the color traditionally associated with Mary in art; acts as a friend/sister/mother/co-redeemer figure with the Doctor, etc.). Acedia (apathy, lack of care, temptation towards despair/hopelessness toward change) and how I can somehow work this into a prayer of confession. How belief in the resurrection of the body and the life everlasting helps me relate to my mom better. Ash crosses on Ash Wednesday and how they correspond with Ezekiel 9. How I need to eat something besides carbs and meat and coffee. How I need to remember that I am dust and ashes, but also that one day I will shine like a star. Andrew Peterson’s music and how much he loves hammer dulcimers (just like I love hammer dulcimers). How I need to treat people less like problems and more like people. How much I want Sherlock to be back on the air.


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