25 things I am thinking about.

1. I volunteered to paint a box for work. Said box is going to get filled with books and sent to Uganda and strapped on the back of a motorcycle–a mobile library. Pretty cool. Kind of excited about it, except it’s due Friday. I’m writing this at 10pm on Thursday night. Eep.

2. Recently, I prayed that as long as I am of better service to the kingdom of God as a single woman than a married one, that the Lord would keep me single. Of course, I am somewhat afraid that this means I’m never getting married…

3. My pastor from college preached about people bringing their kids to be blessed by Jesus, and how the way we treat kids can reveal our sense of our own importance. And that is convicting. How do I treat the least of these, especially when I am kind of shy around them?

4. I know, what, six people who are engaged? I’ve gotten the save-the-date for one wedding already. I gotta go find a dress.

5. I want to be a woman of the Word.

6. This is kinda weird, and I have no idea why I’m even thinking about this, but bad things tend to happen to my friend Steph and me (or to people that are close to us) in September. (It switched to November for a couple of years, but in 2011 it took a break, and then switched back to September.) Bad breakups, hurricanes, family health problems, family members dying, my car getting stolen…I have no idea why this happens, but it does. Now that I’m thinking about it, I am already paranoid about this year.

7. Whovians: Who should be the 12th Doctor?

8. Re: #1: I’ve been painting that box out on the back porch, and I’ve come to realize how much I don’t spend time in the backyard. And then I get devoured by mosquitoes, and remember why I don’t spend much time in the backyard. (Now where’s the Benadryl?)

9. Okay, it’s now Friday morning, and the box is done and turned in. Huzzah.

10. Starbucks’ green tea lemonade is so, so good, y’all.

11. Some of my work colleagues are in a band and they’re playing a show tonight. It’s going to be super-late, but it should be fun.

12. Part of being a grown up = sticking to a budget. Being a grownup is not always fun (albeit financially responsible).

13. However, no one said being a grownup also meant you can’t save up your loose change in a piggy bank, so there.

14. I read somewhere that combining your food and entertainment budget into one category might not be a bad idea, since you can adjust and do something like eat ramen for a bit if you have a big something coming up, and I’m taking that as an excuse to buy books instead of food every once in a while. 😉

15. You know, I used to be able to come up with long-form writing topics so easily that I didn’t have time to write them all. That’s a muscle I haven’t exercised in a while, and so now that’s a lot more difficult. This weekend I might read my friend’s master’s thesis and get that muscle working again…

16. Also, you can expect a sestina or a sonnet soon.

17. I’m on Vine now–if you don’t know what that is, it’s a social media thing where you make little six-second videos, which is much longer than you think it’ll be. I heard it once described as Twitter for videos, which makes sense. So far the only thing I’ve put up so far is a video of me making tea (so exciting, right), but maybe there’ll be more to come.

18. You know, sometimes I wonder if I just have bad time management or if I have too much on my plate. Probably both. Jack of all trades, master of none.

19. My friend Kristin’s sister has been in the hospital for about a week now–it started with a bacterial infection, which is getting better, but apparently now she has fluid building up in her lungs, so if you pray, pray for Julie and the whole family.

20. Diet Coke at that point in the afternoon when your system wants to take a nap = WINNING. (I do, however, think that the idea of either a nap or a tea break in the afternoon is a better idea. I want to move to Europe…)

21. Still applying for jobs. It still sucks.

22. On the other hand, I really enjoy where I’m working now…I was just thinking about how one day I want to open a bookstore, and I wonder if that’s not what I’m getting prepped for somehow.

23. I just checked for library jobs in Scotland. No dice. Rats.

24. Man, I missed blogging.

25. Okay, time to go finish my laundry. Later, my peeps.