hey, look, it’s a blog post

1. I’ve been down for the count for the past week with two ear infections, a sinus infection, bronchitis, and the flu, which has been just delightful, as you can probably tell. If I don’t leave my house soon, I’m going to give up and become a cat lady. At the moment I feel mostly fine, except for the cough, so hopefully I get to go to work again in the next couple of days…

2. I like this author named John Green. John and his brother have a YouTube channel together that’s the result of an experiment that they did six years ago (they only communicated in person or in YouTube videos for a year), and that YouTube channel has collected a substantial community of folks around the world. That community does a thing every year called Project For Awesome where people make videos about charities and then everyone votes for their favorites, and the top 10 charities get money donated to them. Not a bad plan, and it’s going until tomorrow. Check out the website.

3. Weirdly comforting thought: Jesus probably got colds.

4. Some other ladies and I from church have been meeting on Tuesday mornings to keep each other accountable and encourage one another and pray with and for each other, which has been really, really cool. One of the nice side effects of this has been getting texts from them almost every day with what’s been going on; they were women I’d been wanting to get to know better, and this has been a really good way to do so.

5. Downside to lots of married friends: Lots of baby gifts to obtain. Upside: Lots of babies.

6. Not Catholic by a long shot, but I do like Pope Francis a great deal. I kind of just want to sit him down and have coffee and pick his brain.

7. Advent is maybe my favorite season of the church year, mostly because I’ve always ached for Jesus to come back.

8. One of these days I should make an Advent wreath for the house…

9. I’ve had this stuck in my head for a week or so:

10. Oh! I haven’t listened to Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God album all the way through yet this year. No wonder it hasn’t felt properly Christmasy yet this year. Time to remedy that…

11. This is weird: It doesn’t matter what else is happening, but if someone even mentions a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, I will want one immediately. I don’t know what weird Pavolvian reaction that is, but there it is.

12. I literally have no idea what else to write. So I guess that means this is the end…


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