1. Right now, it’s 27 minutes until the end of my 29th birthday. It’s been a good day.

2. It’s amazing what one person can carry around simultaneously: Joy, gratitude, silliness, envy, sadness, worry, anger, peace, stillness, confusion.

3. I have a friend who doesn’t believe dinosaurs existed…

4. I downloaded this app that is based on this idea of Jerry Seinfeld’s that every day you do a habit you’re trying to build, cross off a day on your calendar and then try not to break up the chain of crossed-out days. Apparently this works. I hope it does, anyway, or why’d I get this app?

5. First book finished in 2014: J.K. Rowling’s The Cuckoo’s Calling. Tightly plotted mystery (although she does this thing like she did in Harry Potter where there are all these subtle hints and then they’re all revealed at the end in a conversation with the bad guy). Lots of epigrams from Virgil.

6. Goals for the year: Write at least 10 minutes every day, fit back into my senior prom dress, run a 5k, try to spend sunset Saturday to sunset Sunday away from social media. So far I have failed at all of these, but new habits build slowly, right?

7. Oh, also, I want to start dressing up for work (both jobs) more often. I tend to dress like a college student, which isn’t good when you’re almost 30 and not in school…

8. On the other hand, my friends got me dinosaur finger puppets for my birthday, so…


One thought on “Rawr!!!

  1. 7. I definitely hear you on the how-should-an-almost-thirty-something dress. My job doesn’t require me to wear super nice clothing either, but like you say—dressing like a college student feels not quite right as I get older.
    2. Truth.

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