Further Up and Further In

(I need someone to write the music for this)

And all of us are miracles of modern art and science
We rescued what our fathers made and killed it for our children
And in a growing universe what god could come and find us
No home except the thoughts we made and all we build within them

The winds of change blew down our shelters of straw
The ocean floor is littered with our lost innocence and awe

But in the end, my lonely friends
The world will die and rise again
And we will be like forest trees
Who clap their hands for joy

And all of us were orphans in the streets of ancient cities
The exiles of a kingdom that was meant to last forever
We try to find a home by being strong or being witty
Or beautiful, or standing up against the culture’s weather

The kings of earth went passing by our ragged weary eyes
The poor and wretched wait to watch the city’s soon demise

And in the end, my lovely friends
What once was lost will live again
The sun will rise before our eyes
And raise its hands for joy