25 things: 2014 in review.

1. Birthday: Dinosaur finger puppets, lunch w/my pastor, my parents giving me $29 in $1 bills
2. Pneumonia: Ughh.
3. 12th Doctor.
4. Difficult hashtags (find them on Twitter): #HowOldWereYou. #Ferguson. #YesAllWomen. #Mosul.
5. Pastor search at church. (We found one. He’s all right. :D)
6. Praying: For friends. For the church. For the country. For our brothers and sisters being persecuted. For revival.
7. Galveston: Pictionary. The whiskey that shall not be named. Settlers of Catan. Beach. Sunburns. “Beware!!!”
8. Framework on Wednesday nights.
9. Oh yes: Winter Olympics!
10. Watching the World Cup with the Dobbs and Steph (and then watching The Emperor’s New Groove afterwards).
11. Getting emailed a recipe from someone I only know through Twitter, which is a first.
12. The Sunday we set up church in 30 minutes…
13. Easter: Breakfast tacos before church, party at the Mullens’ after.
14. All the talk about mental illness after Robin Williams’ death.
15. Actual conversation had at work: “Can you help me figure this origami pattern out?” “Sorry, I’m the wrong person to ask about that.” “But…origami’s from Asia, you look Asian…” “………..”
16. Parties: Baby showers and sprinkles, birthday parties, CG Christmas party (including dancing from our fearless leader Nick Likos), the Mullens’ Christmas party, the going-away party for the Stroms
17. OH HEY I GOT A NEW JOB. (I don’t start until 2015, but I got the news and all a couple of weeks ago.)
18. Going to see this Korean folk dance show with Meagan, Chris, and Ephrem
19. Oh, yeah, speaking of parties, all the complete madness and joy that was planning and executing Kaleo’s 10th anniversary party and rebranding.
20. Lots of texts–hilarious, serious, sad news, great news, radio silence
21. The saga of my grandma and the ring (ask me about it if you’re curious)
22. Um so I wrote a song all by myself and it’s part of our regular rotation at church now and I was nervous as heck the first Sunday we sang it but people like it so yay
23. Finding out that I was not actually born in Seoul, but rather out in the country, in a South Korean county that’s 1/3 the size of the city of Houston and is about 70% forest (seriously! I actually looked at my records this year and this blew my mind).
24. Wrestling: With hormones, with my sin, with calling, with the thought that maybe I’m just stuck like this and won’t ever change, with whether or not I actually believe; for joy, for hope, for trying to find God nonetheless.
25. And in the middle of all that, God finding me.


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