Thursday 13.

13 things you wish you knew more about.

1. Physics.
2. Classical music.
3. History.
4. Music theory.
5. Art. I don’t know anything about the visual arts except what I think looks cool.
6. Islam. I speed-read the Koran in college for a class, but that obviously barely qualifies as any real knowledge.
7. The eastern religions.
8. Eastern Orthodoxy.
9. Philosophy. Yes, even though I have 2/3 of a minor in it.
10. Music from the ’70s and ’80s.
11. Classical literature (as in what classics majors study–the ancient Greek and Roman stuff).
12. Programming–Javascript and Perl and all that. I know just enough PHP to laugh at XKCD and that’s it.
13. Chemistry (if I could just get my brain to understand it).


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