Random stuff I’m thinking about

  • Thesis: Sherlock is primarily about the community Sherlock lives in, which is centered on his friendship with John Watson, but the show works better when that’s left to run in the background, instead of being explicitly spelled out for the audience.
  • I don’t want to let politics take over my mental and emotional life, but dang it, that is hard to do in these days. But here’s the thing: I am finding that the actions of our current administration, while important to me, are still very much abstract. I don’t know any refugees (although I do know and work with quite a few immigrants and people arriving here under less than great circumstances). I know one Muslim guy, and he’s from a country that’s not on the travel ban list. I didn’t go to public school after fifth grade. I am, as usual, praying for a more open and hospitable life that lets in actual people, not just ideas.
  • And I want that to be true of all kinds of people, including ones that might not necessarily let me in, either. That’s the work we have.
  • This may seem obvious, but it is just now becoming obvious to me that God’s promises are true for me now, even in my flawed and sinful state. So, for example, my body is the Holy Spirit’s temple now; He is not waiting to indwell me until my body looks a certain way or until I get my act together, and also, His presence ought to make a difference in how I treat this body and how I use it.
  • And the same is true for us, the Church, collectively–so, for example, the same Spirit that is at work in me is at work in you, too, and somehow through Him working we are representing Jesus to one another. That is a weird and wonderful mystery.
  • I mean, that’s all pretty basic Christianity, but I’m just now getting it, like a light got turned on.

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