• Remember the point I made about Sherlock in my last post? S.D. Kelly parses it out and says it much better than I could’ve in this article over at Christ and Pop Culture. (Spoilers for season 4, so don’t go there if you haven’t watched it yet.)
  • Also, the editors at CaPC, with whom I am internet-friendly, would probably like it if I asked you to pitch in $5 a month and sponsor them so they can keep doing what they’re doing over there.
  • I recently rediscovered Mockingbird after having forgotten about it for a while, and man oh man are they making some great content over there.
  • The Atlantic ran a piece last week about conservative Christians that have gotten pushback from their employers due to their stance re: our current federal administration.
  • We already have “Nevertheless, She Persisted” t-shirts. $5 from each purchase goes to the Malala Fund, which is pretty cool. (There are also “I’m trying to do some good in the world” shirts if you want to be less of a walking political meme.)

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