standing stones

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about personal liturgies, days that we mark in our lives that are important markers of what God did in our lives. So, yes, birthdays and wedding anniversaries, and our baptismal anniversaries (I actually don’t remember when mine is–I should find that out). But also, other days–the day you found out the cancer was in remission, the day you had a conversation with someone that changed your entire life, the day you met your best friend.

For instance, I always celebrate January 5, the day I became an American citizen. I celebrate March 25, the day God brought me back from the dead.

But the thing I wonder now is, what are the rituals I could use to mark those days? Could I pull out my adoption papers every January and flip through them? Could I volunteer to help people in mental health crises on March 25? I don’t know.

What about y’all? What do you do to mark your personal liturgical calendars?


One thought on “standing stones

  1. That’s an interesting question that I want to think about more. This isn’t something I do with my calendar, but I use some of my passwords as digital “Ebenezer stones” to remember big things God has done in my life. Every time I enter one to log in, I’m reminded.

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