Psalm 107

(music to come once I figure out what the chorus sounds like)

Let those redeemed by Jesus tell their story
And give Him thanks for all that He has done
From every nation we will sing His glory
Praise the Father, Spirit, and the risen Son

In desert wastes we wandered lost and hungry
In deep distress we cried and found no way
But you brought us into your holy city
And for Your mercy we give thanks

For Your steadfast love and Your faithfulness
For Your wondrous works to Your children
To You, oh Lord, we will bring our praise
To You, oh Lord, all the glory

In death’s dark chambers we were slaves to evil
In sin’s rebellion, chains of sorrow bound
But in your love you broke the gates of prison
With humble hearts we will come bow down

Sick with sin’s black poison, we had long been dying
And there was no cure for us to save our souls
Until You came down and gave Your broken body
And Your blood for food and drink, and made us whole

In the storm of chaos and of deep distresses
All our ships were sinking in the rolling seas
Through all our troubles You remained our anchor
And You spoke the word and gave us Your great peace

Glory to the Father for His grace and kindness
Glory to the Son who gave Himself for us
Glory to the Spirit who dwells within us
Glory to our God, the blessed Three in One


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