maundy thursday: judas (not iscariot)

I don’t really say much.
Peter, and sometimes James and John,
they’re the talkers.
Matthew will write something down
every once in a while.
Me, I’m mostly just confused.
Jesus teaches in riddles sometimes
and I don’t even know what to ask him
so I can understand.

But tonight, after dinner, I get the courage
to ask a question: How are you going
to reveal yourself to us and not everyone else?
I don’t get it.

And he says: If you love me,
you’ll keep my word,
and my Father will love you,
and we’ll come
and make our home with you.

I don’t totally get that,
but I do get this:
Even though I’m bad at understanding or
at keeping the rules,
I understand that Jesus loves me,
and so I love him, too.


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