right now (August 2017)

Making: I’m on a knitting hiatus for the time being, so nothing, really.

Cooking: I’m crashing at a friend’s during all this rain here in Houston and we had some pretty decent tacos the other night–ground beef, plus onions and peppers and mushrooms cooked in the beef juice. Otherwise we’re eating a lot of pb&j and chips and trail mix, like college students.

Drinking: Coffee and water. Drank the last Diet Coke yesterday.

Reading: The news.

Trawling: Social media, for more news and to check in on folks.

Wanting: This effing rain to stop, y’all. And also to get out and see what the damage is.

Looking: For something to read besides the news. And for ways to help.

Deciding: What to get at the grocery store when we can get out. There’s an HEB around the corner from the house, so we can walk there, but their operating hours are limited because folks can’t get out to work.

Listening: A podcast on the Enneagram called Typology (my friend is currently learning more about me than she bargained for since this is an episode about 4s).

Buying: I bought a giant bag of trail mix the other day; there is a pack of ramen and a bag of beef jerky sitting in my car, which is parked in a garage five blocks away….

Watching: We marathoned the first season of Broadchurch the other night; we’ve had Friends and Gilmore Girls on intermittently, too.

Marveling: Grateful that this street is relatively dry and still has power and that I get to hang out with my friend mostly worry-free. There are so many folks who don’t have this right now.

Cringing: Sinus pressure sucks, y’all.

Needing: See “wanting”: please pray the rain stops, soon.

Questioning: Not much right now, which is kind of interesting. I’m grateful to have a pretty solid theology of suffering during stuff like this.

Smelling: All the rain in the air.

Wearing: Right now? PJ pants (they have pockets!) and a Baylor t-shirt I got for $2 at Goodwill.

Noticing: I may need to eat another pb&j soon…


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