saturday session (9/23/17)

Morning, gang. If you’re reading this the morning it posts, I’m at work doing a craft for our Hispanic Heritage Celebration. Hispanic Heritage Month started on the 15th and runs until October 15, and I say that you should go learn about Latin American contributions to American policy and culture. It feels especially potent this year, with the DACA repeal especially affecting people from Central and South America, and with folks in Puerto Rico, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic suffering from the effects of natural disasters.

Anyway. The week’s been all right. Here are some links.

  • One of the side effects of visiting a bunch of churches is that you get to learn new songs. Last Sunday we sang a great song called Empty Me Out and it’s my new jam.
  • If you want to help out libraries post-Harvey, may I humbly suggest going here and here.
  • And Floridians and Caribbean neighbors, we see you, too, especially with Maria coming right on the tail of Irma. If you want to give, Consumer Reports has a good list of places to do so.
  • So apparently octopuses are building octopus neighborhoods?
  • I’ve just discovered tahini and its deliciousness earlier this year, and I like caramel, and I love apples, so this sounds really delicious. I think caramel apples are kind of a pain in the butt to eat, though, so maybe put that tahini caramel as a dip on the side of some cut up apples? That sounds better.
  • I am decidedly pro-Wes Anderson, and if y’all haven’t seen the trailer for his new movie, it looks great. There’s a giant cast of great actors, and it takes place in Japan, and it’s about dogs, and I can’t wait to watch it.
  • I also really want to see Murder on the Orient ExpressI haven’t read the source material (soon to remedy that, though), but the trailer looks great.
  • Probably only funny if you’re a theatre person, but: Honest Theatre Awards.

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