saturday session (9/30/17)

Hi, gang. I’m about to go do a load of laundry and then get ready for my friend’s wedding, so all in all a good Saturday ahead. Folks down in Mexico and Puerto Rico still need help, so don’t forget to give.

Meanwhile, here’s the links:

  • Man, don’t we all need this: 100 ideas for packing your lunch. (The last ten, under “Desperate Times Call For Desperate Lunches,” are hilarious mostly because we’ve all been there.)
  • I’m a big fan of fun e-mail. I recommend, um, Recomendo (cool tools to help you do stuff better), Two Bossy Dames (media reviews and recommendations, done with wit and a lot of GIFs), and Cartoon Hearts (writing about love stories, in all their forms). I’ve also been subscribing to The Writer’s Almanac for years and years, and I mostly enjoy the poems I get in my inbox every day. (Mostly. They can’t all be winners.) If you subscribe to some good ones, let me know in the comments!
  • I don’t know how y’all feel about beans, but this looks so good. Smitten Kitchen’s never done me wrong.
  • New jam for the week: Gregory Porter, “1960 What”

Y’all have a good weekend!


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